Friday, May 19, 2017


Well, I've had it with the dark design. Normally, I wouldn't complain about it, but it was bugging me for a while now. I mean... I like dark colors and all, but in this case, it just wasn't working. I swill probably still have to fix the font size. Probably by a single pixel, but I think it will make all the difference. 
I also had to recreate the introduction page that is at the top of teh side bar. But hey, at least it is better than it was. Or... Now that I think aobut it, I'm not even sure there was an introduction page. Oh well, now ther is. Oh, and the header was a pain to create. Well, mostly. The text and the center and right side were a breeze, but the left side was just empty all the time. And apparently, you can't fill a mask with a pattern from a different picture. I mean, I probably could, but hey, it took a while to even remember I could add masks. I haven't done any graphix in a while. But it is possible to add pattern to a font, so I went and downloaded a bunch of dragon fotns and went through them all to figure out which dragon symbol would be best. I can't say I'm a hundred percent happy with this one either, but it was better than any of the others. The rest of them were too cartoony and childish. And I didn'T want that, but I wanted something that would fit in color vise. This one did. Mostly. I still had to play around with it a bit... 
You know what, I'm happy with it now. And I'm not gonna change it for a while now. And that's the good thing. Cause it was a pain in my ass.

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