Saturday, November 17, 2018

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo

Not sure, if I want to post another anime featuring post, but well... Lately, I've been into Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo. And well, since my last post was about Detective Conan and Kindaichi is kinda similar... At least to me, it is, I'm gonna go with it. Like, Kindaichi himself is the equivalent of Conan in Shinichi's body. Kindaichi's friend Nanase is like Ran and their friend Saki is like a mix of Sonoko and the Shounen Tantei Dan - or the Detective Boys if you prefer the English name. Then there's Kenmochi, he's a police officer and he's a lot like Mouri Kogoro, just somewhat smarter and less of an idiot in general. Last but not least when it comes to the protagonists is Akechi Kengo, he's a superintendent and Kenmochi's boss - to put it simply. He's also really smart and somehow, reminds me of both Akai and Zero from DC. A bit more Akai than Zero, but somehow a mix of both. 
Thing is, there are two versions of Kindaichi. One is old, last century thing. that's the one I'm watching now, but before that, I watched the newer one from years 2014 and 2015. The Akechi in the newer one is even smarter. Always several steps ahead of everyone, while in the old version, it seems like Akechi and Kindaichi are more evenly matched. 
Well, that's it for the protagonists, now the antagonists. Even though I would really like it for one of them to be on the other side. I'm talking about the Puppeteer from Hell - Takato Youichi. He's the black org compressed into one person with the added aspect of Magic. The magic reminds me of Kaitou Kid. And that is probably the reason I want him to be on the other side of the law.
Another main villain is the Gentleman Thief. Which, really, just take KID's magic away and change his gender and this is what you'll get. I got nothing against the Kaitou Shinshi (Is that how you spell it?), but the Puppeteer is my favorite bad guy from Kindaichi.

As this is being written is several sessions, I an now at a point in the anime where Kindaichi Fumi, a relative of the MC has made an appearance. And while I said that Saki was a mix of Sonoko and the Shounen Tantei Dan, Fumi is a mix of the Detective Boys and Haibara. She's smart and while she doesn't always arrive to the correct conclusion, she is really useful on some of the cases Kindaichi has to deal with.
I would prefer that the newer version of the anime be longer, but hey, can't have everything. Should be glad that there even is a newer version. If there wasn't, I would have probably never even started watching this... And what a shame that would have been.
This anime is perfect for Detective Conan fans as well as fans of any other detective featuring anime out there. Especially animes that have teenage or younger protagonist detectives in it. Like Detective Academy Q or similar. I think that Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna lovers would like Kindaichi too.

I've seen so many animes that some of them seem to blur together, but I'm sure that there's more detective anime than this. And I'm not talking about Nogami or Matantei Loki Ragnarok, those have way too many supernatural elements. While the DC  pseudo-science is a bit farfetched as well as the addition of the character of Akako, the self-proclaimed witch, it's still a lot more realistic than Nogami or Matantei. Same goes for Kindaichi, for that one has no supernatural elements at all, just a lot of pseudo-science, but the science kinda makes sense when you watch the anime, so there... I guess it always makes sense while watching. You just can't think about it too hard after you're done watching.
Well, maybe it's not really pseudo-science for Kindaichi, just a lot of superstition and well, there might be some pseudo-science, but Conan is lot's more heavy on it. Apotoxin anyone? Still, Kindaichi is a great anime. I just wish that the newer part of it was longer. And that Akechi was super smart in both the old and the new, not just the new. I mean, he¨s smart in the old too, but not super smart. I mentioned at the beginning of this post, that in the newer version, he's like 10 steps ahead of everyone, Kindaichi included, well, that's true. It's just, in the older version, he's lucky if he's two steps ahead... Usually, he's more or less evenly matched with Kindaichi. Too bad there's only so many episodes that include him...
The one saving grace is the movie for the newer version that focuses mainly and mostly on Akechi. His younger version, but still.
Just, you know what? Go watch the anime and make up your own mind about it, okay?

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Detective Conan Movie 22 - Zero the Enforcer [2018]

Finally! The 22nd movie came online. The Japanese people need way too long for the anime movies to come out on DVD or Blue Ray. Or on some other media. But that's not the only problem, it came out in October, the problem is, that then we had to wait for worthwhile subs to be added. But, the day before yesterday, it finally happened! It was added to OtakuStream. And I just know that Otaku Stream would not upload it unless the quality of the subs and the whole thing was good. 
So I watched it. BLOWN AWAY! After watching the 21st movie, I was quite disappointed, because movies 18, 19 and 20 were awesome! I mean, 18 is the best, simply because it finally confirms the alive status of one Akai Shuuichi! Simply by making Subaru Okiya open his eyes. So that one is great. Movie 19 is great too because it has Kaitou KID. And Any KID movie is great. And 20 gives us Furuya Rei and Akai Shuuichi out of disguise working together, so also awesome! But then we get some weird love story with Heiji and Kazuha in movie 21 and that's lame... Like, don't misunderstand me, I watched it too and enjoyed it, just not as much as movies 18, 19 and 20. So 22 was a pleasant surprise. 
The main focus is on Zero, aka Furuya Rei who is from the NPA, Japanese Secret Police. Don't ask me to decipher the abbreviations, I didn't do my homework on that, but it's a section of the police force. 
The movie takes place during a time where an unmanned capsule is supposed to come back from the outer space and the main culprit's goal is to use it to blow up the police headquarters, but this comes to play way way later. There is also going to be a summit of the World Leaders of some sort. The who is not important. The important thing is, that the venue is blown up and Zero is caught in it. Then Mouri Kogoro is framed and Conan tries to uncover the truth. At first, he doesn't know that Zero tapped his phone, but when he finds out, he uses it to his advantage. 
And then Conan and Zero have to work together to alter the path of the capsule to avoid it smashing into the location where everyone has evacuated to from the area around the police headquarters. In the process, Zero's car is totaled and he gets injured, but the injury is minor and the car can be replaced. The important thing is, they manage to save the day and they do it by working together. 

However, I was thinking and the one thing I would love to see, is Akai, Zero, KID and Shinichi working together, I mean, that would be awesome and I just know that they would be able to take down any threat. However, it doesn't seem like they will make an episode like that. Or god forbid a movie... Hell, I even kinda hate the whole Ran/Shinichi romance... He's way more suited to be together with Kaitou KID. But again, if I want that, I have to go and read fanfiction.
My fanfic search purposefully excludes any Ran/Shinichi pairing tagged fics. I won't read those. Unless it's a fic that starts with this couple and then follows with Ran!Bashing and then KaiShin.

Okay. I'm gonna go and do something else now. Like rewatch some Conan movies. And wait for the newest SAO Alicization episode. Which has nothing to do with Conan. But hey, SAO fan here. Though I hate Asuna. Nya!


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Charmed [2018]

So, I just wanted to go complain to my dad about something and he's not home. So I will rant here. I recently found the new Charmed reboot. Quite accidentally. I saw the title "Charmed" and thought that someone uploaded the old show and so I thought I would watch it again. Well, turns out that it's a new reboot. New cast, college-aged witches... Lame whitelighter. Seriously, they copied absolutely everything... Dead mother, the charmed symbol, even the powers, exactly the powers... Only, the sisters have names that start with M and are not Halliwells. 
The least the producers could have done is to not re-use the old name... Couldn't they have used some kind of a variation? So that I and many others wouldn't be misled by the name? I thought it was the old show, I didn't look at the picture, just the name... 
If they made this show without associating it with the original Charmed, it would have been kinda good, but that association ruined it. I grew up watching the original Charmed show and now, I'm comparing the new one to it and keep finding flaws and stuff that makes me cringe when I remember how it went in the original... 
Like, if you've never seen the old show, it's not too bad, you will probably even enjoy it, but I just can't. I keep ripping it apart, thinking it should happen differently...
I don't even have words for this. They messed up and I just couldn't keep quiet. That's it.

P.S. I added pictures with similar settings from both shows. Just for comparsion.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Resident Evil 7

Well, just recently I installed the Resident Evil 7 game and played up until the big main hall of the main house. Then, I decided to do some googling about the game itself. And I have to say that RE7's 'New Game+' sucks. You don't get to keep any of the gear and only the unlockables or something like that. So I said scratch that and uninstalled the game right after reading that. I love RE games for their New Game Plus feature. In RE4 and RE6 it was done right. Can't speak for RE1 as I didn't play that. I would have played RE2 - Leon, but the graphics are horrible, well, it's old. I'm gonna wait for the remake. I played a bit of RE3, but it has no Ada or Leon and I'm not that big fan of Jill Valentine. So I uninstalled that. The same problem was with RE5, but it at least fit into the storyline. 
As for RE7, it doesn't seem to fit anywhere, even though it could technically take place after RE6. But then there's another problem. As far as I know, Chris Redfield does not work for Umbrella Corporation. But at the end of RE 7, they are flying in an Umbrella chopper. So what gives? 

And as for the whole RE7, you could have guessed it, but I watched the whole thing on youtube as a playthrough without commentary. The person who filmed it decided to save Mia so I don't know anything about what would have happened if Ethan saved Zoey, but maybe I will go watch that ending too, not now though.

Like I said, I played the beginning of the game myself. Unlike all the previous RE games, this one is from first-person point of view. Like... I have nothing against first-person games, but it just doesn't fit with the Resident Evil theme... Also, the E-virus, aka what Eveline is, that's so far removed from all the other viruses (or plaga), that it maybe saw them out of a window of a moving train. And that's me being generous. Even the fricking RE6 styled regenerators that are named something completely different, made more sense than those black sludge creeps that Eveline made with the E-virus powers. 
And yes, I'm calling it the E-virus for simplicity's sake. I'm not even sure what it is actually called. and I'm not gonna go and find out. To me, it's E-virus and that's that. 
Now, what I wanted to really say, is that the first chapter of the game, the guest house mainly, reminded me of the Slender games. Mainly the long-ish one with the flaming forest near the end and two different endings based on what difficulty you're playing at. BTW: I didn't play it, just saw it on youtube cause I had a phase where I needed to know anything and everything Slender related.

Back to RE 7. The main reason I didn't like it, well, I'm an Ada and Leon sucker. If a Resident Evil game doesn't have at least one of them, I'm probably not gonna like it. Some people may think that these characters are overused, but I think that they are classic. And hopefully, if there shall ever be an RE8 game, they will bring them back. But for now, there's at least the RE2 remake to look forward to. I'm definitely playing that one. 
And now I'm deviating from RE7 again. Oh well, that's what you get when I decide to talk [write] about a game that I didn't like and it's part of a series that has games I adore. Though the one thing I do have to give to RE7 is that the graphics are really fantastic. Scenery, atmosphere, great, but to me, it just doesn't really fit into the RE universe. 
Hell, even the fricking live action movies fit in better than this... Their feeble attempt to tie it into the series by bringing Chris Redfield at the end of the game, well, it seemed cheap. Seemed like an afterthought. 
Sorry, but RE7 did not sit well with me. However, if you liked it, that's your choice and I'm not trying to tell you it's the wrong one. I'm just saying that I picked differently and I'm not gonna change my mind. Also, if you came here to learn more about the story itself, well, tough luck. I'm not spoiling any more than I already did. Which, I don't think I spoiled much... 

So, some conclusion... I did not like it. It has no Ada or Leon. The first person style doesn't fit with the rest of the RE series and the 'zombies' in this one were weird. Too weird. I wish they would hurry up with the RE2 remake so that I may overwrite this thing from my brain. If you have different opinion, I would love to hear it. It will probably not change my own, but hey, feel free to share.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Real Villan in Harry Potter

Yep, I'm back, so let's get to it.

Most people would think that Voldemort is the bad guy in Harry Potter. The Ultimate bad guy. With mini bad guys thrown in the mix in the form of Umbridge, Lucius Malfoy, and similar characters, but I'm of the opinion that that's just wrong. You're probably wondering what the frigg I'm talking about right now, correct? Well, to me, it seems that the real bad guy is none other than Dumbledore. 
Yeah, I mean that. One reason for this is me simply not liking him, but there is more. In book six, when he goes to the orphanage to talk with young  Tom Riddle, he already at that point thinks that Tom's evil. Only because he can talk to snakes. As for Tom using magick on the other kids in the orphanage, that's a whole another can of worms. Kid just defended himself. Since none of the adults would stand up for him, he did it himself. And if it was a bit too violent? Well, it's not like anyone taught him better right? 
Back to Dumbles. He also has a connection to Grindelwald and more than likely was actually his lover. J.K. confirmed Dumbles being gay. Don't know if the "being Grindelwalds lover" is a real thing, but I don't think it's taking it too far. 
For the Greater Good is a phrase that originally belonged to Grindelwald. And when Dumbles defeated him, he took it for his own. However, after defeating Grindelwald, he no longer had a villain to fight and therefore his fame and glory would fade, so what does he do? He makes another villain. Tom is an orphan and if he goes and becomes a Dark Lord, who will miss him? The muggles that run the orphanage? Nope. They would probably be happy to be rid of the unnatural kid. 
And the whole Harry Potter thing? That's a whole another mess to blame on him. I'm pretty sure Dumbles was in on the Secret keeper thing. So he probably knew that Sirius was innocent. I'm not saying that most of this has any real support to stand on, apart from the whole Tom and the orphanage thing. I'm simply writing this the way I see it. Also, the fact that I'm a huge fan of Voldemort helps. 
Back to Harry. Why would Dumbles put him with his muggle relatives? Ones that hate magic and want to be as normal as possible. Well, it's pretty simple. He wanted a sacrificial lamb. Someone he could use to get rid of Voldemorts Horcruxes and then let Voldy kill him only to finish the fight himself. Thing is, he didn't account for the curse so he died in book six. Honestly, we're probably better off without him though. Now, if only book six wasn't so bad! The whole thing was written for the sole purpose of killing the old dipshit. 
Okay. that's it. You can kill me now. Just remember, this is simply the way I see it. If your opinion is different, I'm not trying to convince you to change it to agree with me, maybe you even have a great argument that would make me change my opinion. Feel free to share what you think about this. 
Though remember, Voldemort lover here that was heavilly influenced by pro-Voldemort fanfics that ship Harry and Voldemort as a couple. 

I could keep going. And switch to ranting about Ginny, another character that I don't like. With one notable exception being her portrayal in Batsutousai's Abandon and Reclaim fanfics. Really Harry, mummy complex much? Ginny looks like Lily Potter and frankly, it's just creepy to see him marry a girl that resembles his mother so much. Not to mention, yaoi fan here so there! Deal with it, you wanna ship them, ship them, but don't expect me to like it and start shipping them too. 

Bye, Have a nice day. I should probably go before I start ranting about something else that pisses me off about Harry Potter. Like the Cursed Child book. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

One Piece

Well, I just had to write this. Lately, it seems that One Piece is dragging things out more and more. Yes, the fights took long to begin with, but now it seems ridiculous... At the beginning, a 'boss' fight took around three to four episodes, but now, mainly the Doflamingo fight, it took somewhere around ten of them... If it wasn't for the moments when Sabo was there, I was really tempted to skip them... 
And now, the arc with Big Mam, I'm tempted to just skip and skip... Right now, I just have it as sound in the background and I don't even understand most of it, as it's in Japanese... But I still know more or less what's going on. And I even skipped about all the episodes from after the Doflamingo fight to about episode 789... Now I'm on episode 800. And I'm bored. I used to not be bored with this series... But considering it has over 800 eps and I saw them all, I'm gonna stick with it till the end. I wanna know what the friggin' 'One Piece' is. 
Though, I didn't watch all the eps. I skipped the whole flag stealing arc and then some. Oh, and I used to watch it in English instead of Japanese. However, I then caught up to the latest ep and that was it. Either wait or watch the next 300 or so in Jap. So I did and frankly, I'm not regretting it completely, but with eng dub, it was easier to just listen to it in the background as I did something else, like play a game. Or something along those lines. But now, I can't utilize this to its full potential as I don't know Japanese all that well. I understand it some, but not much...
Oh well, this is just me ranting a bit for ranting's sake. See ya 'round.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bring Him Back!

I'm talking about Tomix from DragonFable. He's one of my favorite characters. Along with Warlic. However, I just finished the Book 3 Ravenloss Saga - aka the Void Ship, and I'm angry. They killed him! Tomix is dead, but his spirit is not where it should be, so there's a bit of hope left. Not much, but I'm gonna hold on to it and not let go for anything! They brought Warlic back, they will bring Tomix back if they know what's good for them! 
Oh, and for the record, I totally ship Warlic and Tomix! Deal with it.