Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Needed feature

So! Blogger just told me that this new version of the interface will soon be permanent. I'm still iffy about it. It still seems to lack the feature I want! The 'text next to pic' thing. I want that so badly! It's the one singular reason I'm still using the old blogger. Well, was using the old blogger. Starting with this post, I'm officially using the new one. So far, I'm not too happy with it. We'll see how they improve it. Hopefully, they will. I don't want to migrate my blog again. That would not be optimal. Apart from the new interface missing my favorite feature, I like blogger. And even if it means learning the bloody HTML, I will stay here. 
Okay, so I went back to the old blogger and got an image to the spot I wanted it. Then I deleted all text from the post, went into HTML, copied the HTML into the normal editor, and saved it as a draft. And from there, compared that HTML with the HTML of an image in the new post editor. And well, there was a part of it missing. So I went, changed one line, and voila, the image is exactly where I want it. Yes, it takes a bit more time this way, but it's doable. Still, I hope that the old image positioning will be brought back and added to the new editor as well. 
Written on the 27th of May, 2020

P.S. By the time this gets published, it will be somewhat redundant. I'm writing the P.S. on the 30th of June, 2020 and the feature is back, though slightly altered. You can't drag the picture, but you can click alignment under the picture after you click the picture. Just make sure you place the picture to the spot you want it. I'll have to experiment with this more, but it should make my life easier. At least, I hope it will. :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Light of Music

Bite me, I know it's a weird name, but I also think it fits. Because! That's not the moon, it's a light created by the music of the flute. I found some inspiration for this on Pinterest. I mean, the elf playing the flute is something that was on the original and all, but everything else, even the different details, that's different. The original was vastly different. It was more along the lines of a broody elf in darkness with a flute. And this one, I added the element of magic!
Whatever. I just really like how this turned out. Oh, and about the rocks! It's just splashes of black, white, brown and green. In random combinations. And yes, I know that the flute light is on the wrong side, but hey, I added that as an afterthought. So I decided that, as it is magical light, it just doesn't illuminate the elf. That there is another source of light somewhere off to the right. So yes, magical light for effect only. Because it looks cool. Do you like it? Tell me what you think? Please? I haven't gotten any new comments in ages... I want some. 

Written on the 21st of May, 2020

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Prince and the Woodelf

Two new pictures. The first one is done in blue. Don't know why. But I felt like doing something that would not be in pencil but didn't want it to be in full color. I did consider giving him the red eyes the inspiration had but decided against it. I think I made the right call. I love how it turned out.  Even the mouth and that' something I've been struggling with lately. Just a little, but if the mouth is wrong, it can change the whole pic and I don't like that. So I'm glad that this time, it turned out the exact way I wanted it. And I just love how it's blue. Do you like it? Tell me. :D

And this here is my little wood-elf. Yes, it's a female and I don't usually draw those unless a male decides they want to be a female, but hey, why not. So I just spliced some colors together. I mean, there's purple in the skin. Even some green. And the initial sketch was done in light green. That neon kind that I don't usually like much, but it worked here. It's done in colored pencils on a smooth paper and the white highlights are done with white acrylic paint. I contemplated adding some color to the background, but in the end, I'm glad I didn't. I think it looks better this way. And if I ever decide otherwise, it's easy to add some color to it later. So tell me, do you like it? Or does it suck? Oh, and the inspiration for both comes from Pinterest. Yeah, I got inspired. Heavily. So what. I like drawing elves and I needed inspiration.


Written on the 17th of May, 2020

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Elven warrior

This time, I managed to keep him the gender he was supposed to be. Male, that is. I'm on an elven kick so I went to find some elves on Pinterest and this is what I got. So I let myself be inspired. Done in pencil and then finished with a black oil-based pencil. Whatever that was. I completely forgot I even had it. Well, now it got some use out of it. I love how it made the whole drawing more contrasting. The only thing I'm a little disappointed in is that I did the neck a bit too long. Oh well, nothing to do about it now. Unless I wanna run this through photoshop which I'm not gonna do as I'm not that good with it. It would ruin the whole thing. I'm sure of it. Still, not counting the neck, I'm very happy with how this drawing turned out. Also, it was done on an off white paper and I think it looks really good on it. I mean, I like bright white paper as much as anyone else, but hey, sometimes, the not really white makes it look even better. So yeah. Tell me what you think about it. I would like to hear it. Well, read it. 
Written on the 9th of May, 2020

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Deadpool 2 [2018]

So, yesterday. I was reading a fanfic. The name is Point of No Return and you can find it on AO3. That is not the point. I was also looking for something to watch and well, the story featured Deadpool. And I'm like... Maybe I should watch Deadpool 2. I've been postponing that for so long. I'm not saying that Deadpool 1 was bad, it is just that Deadpool is not my favorite superhero. I have nothing against him, but I'm not as invested in him as I'm in some of the other major MCU characters. But, I was running low on things to watch so Deadpool 2 it was. Mostly because he was really funny in the fanfic. So yeah, I went to watch that. And again, Deadpool has a tendency to first show the middle of the story. Well, not the middle, but about a fourth in. Also, the guy keeps breaking the fourth wall. I guess that's just him, but well, I think it wouldn't be as funny if it was any other character. I'm still not sure if I really liked the movie or not. It was definitely watchable. But that's really all I can say for certain at this point. Though I did enjoy the credits scenes. What I didn't like was the kid - Russel or whatever his name is. I don't know... I just really didn't like him. From the beginning. I liked Cable better than him. And he started out as the bad guy. At least I'm pretty sure we all agree that Juggernaught was not likable at all. And if there is anyone out there who liked him, well, you're weird. And I don't wanna talk to you. 
I honestly don't know what else to write about the movie without giving out spoilers. Fuck, writing a book review is simpler. Maybe because I have no problem with giving a summary of the book. But with movies, well, not that simple. Also, a movie storyline is usually shorter than a book.
This movie is definitely for those who like dirty jokes and comedies with a bit (a lot) of violence. Whatever, screw the no spoiler thingy. So! Deadpool kills a lot of people, his girl gets killed, he goes to mope to the X-men, then Russel enters the scene, they get sent to prison, Deadpool breaks out when Cable attacks it, prisoners get transported somewhere else, Deadpool forms a team and highjacks the transport, Russel leaves with Juggy, Deadpool, and co. go stop him before he kills the head of the orphanage after they join forces with Cable. Fight, Deadpool dies, Cable rewinds time, saves him, everyone is happy. Then cue the credits scenes.
And I suck at this. Maybe because while I did watch the movie, I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. Like, certain scenes were really funny, but still... I think I need to go and watch Advent Children again. And yes, I'm on a Sephiroth kick. Sue me. Deadpool has nothing on Sephy. Still, I'm also on Marvel kick and well, this was something I had yet to watch so I did. Next on my list is the Daredevil Netflix show. Already about four episodes in. And it already looks better than Deadpool. Sorry Deadpool, you're not up to par. 
Written on the 8th of May, 2020

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A flower for an elf

So, two new pics. Seems like I'm only posting pics... Well, I'll see if I can come up with something else soon. But for now, you'll have to deal. So, this first one is of a flower, well, a bunch of flowers. I had this old sketch that had some green on it in the shape of a stem and some leaves so I decided to do something about it. And took my markers and looked up some pink-ish flowers. Because pink was the first marker I grabbed. And there were these, lilies I think they are called. I think it is a species of lilies. And if not, they are now. And while they were arranged differently in the picture, I decided I would take them and reuse them for my pic. So, this is the result. The background is just a wash of watercolor with a bit of a blue marker at the bottom. The rest is done in markers and the highlights are done in white acrylic paint marker. I'm not really happy with the stem, but the flowers are really good. I like how they turned out. What do you think?

Second one. This one is made with a reference from Pinterest. Only, the reference was male. So how the heck did this turn into a bloody female?! I don't even know. I think it's the mouth. Probably. I would have erased it and redone it, but I did this in markers. Alcohol markers. Tombow markers to be exact. And well, you can't really erase those. So a she-elf it is. Still not happy about that. But nothing I can do about it. I did not pre-sketch this with a pencil. I just took my three Tombow markers, the only three I own, and went right in. I have a black one, dark gray and a really light gray. So I decided to try them out. Finally. I mean, I swatched them when I got them, but that was about it. And now, I have a finished piece done with them. And apart from the gender of this elf going haywire, I really liked working with them. Guess I should get more of them. Well, we'll see when the store opened. Here, where I live, I know only about one single store that sells them and I'm not sure it's already open what with the COVID virus... Bloody thing... Ruining everything. Well, anyway, hope you like the drawing and I'll see you later. Bye. 
Written on the 8th of May, 2020

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Picture Vomit

Yeah, I'm not taking the post name back. Nu-uh! I like it. Because that is precisely what this is. And this first one is a fish. Don't even remember why it is a fish. But I like it. It's simple yet looks kinda good. Excuse the pencil on the side, there was another drawing beside it and the fish would be cropped if I cut it off. So I left it. I'm thinking I could have done more with the weeds and corals, but I just wanted a bit of a different color there and the main focus be the fish, so it is what it is. I still like it. What do you think?

This one is an elf. A purple elf. Imagine the elves from Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. If there's even anyone who still remembers that game. What with the hubbub of World of Warcraft. Which I never played. Still, this is Warcraft inspired elf and I like how it turned out. I tried for the background to look like some trees or something. Not sure I succeeded but it looks interesting. Maybe a bit like bamboo shoots. Heh, a Warcraft elf in Japan. Why not. Oh, and if it looks weird in some places, well, the paper was torn and stained with glue. But I still wanted to put something on it so here it is. Hope you like it. 

And here I was trying to see if I can draw a room from the inside. So I did a bit of perspective drawing. Two-point perspective to be exact. And let me tell you, the doorway and the hallway out there was a pain in the ass! I do like the rest of it, however, even if I threw the perspective out of the window when I was done with the basic layout of the room. I don't do well with rulers and stuff like that. I'm the person who doesn't measure at all, I always wing it. And it either looks good or not. And if not, I either redo it or leave it as is or scrap it and throw it away. So, basically, if we forget about the doorway, I like how it turned out. What do you think? 

Now this one is interesting. I went to this page and got this prompt: Theme: where the shadow falls the deepest. It should contain an enchanted ring or a roaring fireplace. So, I'm thinking. What about the one ring? I mean, that's the most enchanted ring of all the enchanted rings... Though maybe the Gaunt ring would be a close second? Don't know. But yes, I thought of the One Ring first. And then I remembered that one scene where Bilbo drops it on the floor of Bag's End. And I'm like, hey, I can do that! So I took the scene and did this. The ring dropping to the floor. With some dramatic lighting. And voila, this is the end result. Done with water-based markers that practically destroyed the paper in certain places. And with an acrylic paint pen to do the highlights. But I do like how it turned out. And yes, the "runes" are just squiggles. I did not bother with references so this is the end result. Do you like it? Took about 20 minutes? Maybe a bit less than that. Don't know. 

Last one. This one is a sketch of lips done while watching a tutorial on youtube by Young Chen or whatever his name is. I like his tutorials. He explains things really well. When he's not prattling about the need to measure everything. I don't like to measure. I'm the type of person who eyeballs it. This is done in pencil and with the help of my kneaded eraser. Not bad, even though I stopped following the tutorial about two thirds in and started to do my own thing. Like, I still listened to it, but not really done the steps he did. Also, he was doing it in charcoal and I didn't want to get messy, again. So I did it, like I said, in pencil. I don't have anything against charcoal, but I have to be in the mood for it. And at that point, I wasn't.