Monday, August 25, 2014

The Saddle Club

Yesterday, I saw the last episode of the series Saddle club. I've been watching it on and off for a while now. I'm not sure which season I like the most... I mean, all have some better and some worse episodes. Though if I really had to choose, I'd probably pick the part where Dorothee is. Which means the first part of season 2. But I prefer the actors from season 3. At least for the saddle club girls. And I like Simon. He livened things up. 
On the other hand, I was kinda missing Red and Kristie from the last season. Though Trouble the donkey more than made up for them. And Jack wasn't bad either. 
So, what is the series about anyway? 
It is about three girls who love horses and form a club together. During the series they encounter different problems, be it Veronika, the annoying rich girls or some problems between them. 
Each season has a strong ending, and most of the episodes are pretty interesting. If I remember correctly, I only skipped one episode. And that was because that one didn't interest me. 
Sure the show is ment for kids, but it is pretty decent. It's definitely watchable even if you're not a kid. On the other hand, the books it is based on, are pretty terrible. I gave up after not even a full chlapter. If I were to say what it was like, I'll qoute my mom: "It's a badly written horse-riding guide."
And I agree with that.
The books are not worth it, but the series ain't bad. 
So, the main characters are Carrole, Stevie and Lisa. The main antagonist (who sometimes does the right thing) is Veronica and then there are some of the more minor characters. In the first series it's Red, Kristie, Melanie and Ashley as well as Phill (NOT COULSON :D). In second series, we gain Dorothee for the first half and some other characters make repeated appearance. 
And finally, in the last season, apart from the cast being completely new, we have no Ashley, but gain Jenn as well as Trouble the donkey. We also switch Red for Jack and gain Dezi during the season. 
Oh, and for Thor maniacs, in one of the episodes (I think it's in the second season), young Chris Hemsworth plays a new vet. Well, young... Younger. But it's interesting. You can recognize him for his eyes and lips, but other than that, he looks completely different. And has short hair!
So, if you're into horses, this is a pretty decent thing, even though it has girls as pretty much every important character. I'm not much for things where main characters are girls, but this one is not that bad. Though if they did a version where the main characters are guys... Or out right a gay version, I'd be watching it in a heartbeat!
See ya!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Visitors and writing again

today my aunt Hana and my cousin't daugter Eliška came to stay with us for a few days. They came around noon and then Eliška started to cuddle the cat. During that time, I tried to help solve a problem or two with my aunt's tablet. Sadly, most of the stuff couldn't be resolved, but at least, we managed to right the game that was displayed upside down. 
Me and Eliška also played some Magic the Gathering with the packs I have. I have several and we switched them around a lot, except the one main one, that is only mine and nobody's else! I will never let anyone else handle that one, as I spent a lot of time putting it together, and even now, from time to time, I swap cards round in it.
Okay, then my aunt Majka came and the "adults" went into the forest. Me and Eliška stayed home and we played some computer games and also some more Magic. And then the others were back and we decided to grill something. Like cheese. And so we did. And it was deilicious!

Also, when the evening came, I decided it was time to start writing again. So first I wrote part of the DragonOrder chronicles, that will never be published anywhere and then I opened the file with the Eagle of Hogwarts and started writing. I don't have any idea where I'm going with the story, but it will lead somewhere, for sure! 
Okay, that's probably it.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to Thor's hammer

I just couldn't resist writing about this. It was pure chance I stumbled across the description of this short movie, well, Marvel One shot. So, I read the description and my first decision was to ignore it, but then, I got really into the Agents of SHIELD and I really like Coulson so I decided to look into it. And it turns out that this little Marvel One Shot is just a four minute short movie about Coulson on his way to Thor's hammer. And on his way, he stops at this gas station and while he's in there, it is assaulted by robbers. So he deals with them and it's all just SO funny! 
So, I was thinking of actually embedding the video, but decided that no. I had to find it the hard way, so you have to do the same. Just know that it's worth it. 
And it has great music! 
And it has Phil in it! 
Go and find it and watch it. And when you do, come back and tell me what you think about it. 

Oh, and yes, I know this is mainly pointless post, but I just had to write it!