Monday, December 9, 2013

Dungeon of Slyn

I found this game by pure luck. At first, it looked weird. Like... There were like... Squares and you walked on them and it seemed boring. Only... I downloaded it from the windows 8 store and tryed it. And... I fell in love with it. Yes, it's a very simple game, but all the best are. Well. Maybe not all of the best, but a lot of the best games are quite simple. At least in my book.
So, this game. Basically, the goal is to get to the last floor of a dungeon complex and defeat someone or something called Lord Slyn. No Idea what that is. Didn't get there yet. My best is level 16 of the complex.
Okay. Moving on. On your way there you will encounter many many monsters and beasts. My recommendation is to get a unicorn horn as soon as possible. It can cure food poisoning. Don't know if there is anything else that can, but unicorn horn is a sure thing. Then, there are several unique weapons. I think there is always only one, but I may be mistaken. One is Excalibur. I would recommend it if you play as a mage or paladin. Then there is the cleaver. Good for the warrior. And one more which name I don't remember.
Okay. There are also items that are potions, armor and weapons, food, spellbooks, wands and most impornantly – scrolls. Those you just have to collect. I mean, yea, there is the amnesia scroll that is totally useless, but then there are teleportation scrolls, they can get you out of a nasty battle. Then, enchanting scrolls, good for enhancing your weapon and armor. And other scrolls are there too. Like... Remove curse one.
But enough of that.
There is also a shopkeeper. Not on all of the floors, but on some of them you can find her. She sells various items. I would recommend to buy food from her, because, in the later levels, you will probably run out of it. I did and then I got the food poisoning, only, I was saved by the unicorn horn. That's why I'm saying you need to get it as soon as possible. I understand that noone wants to kill a unicorn, but the horn is important. And if you have two, even better. You can keep one for healing and the other one as a weapon. It's quite strong. Though... If you are a warr and you have that cleaver, I don't know if I would switch...
So, what do you think? Interested in it? Would you try it?
The only thing I doN't like about it is that you need to combine both hands on keyboard and mouse. And it just doesn't work when you keep both your hands on the keyboard and then you need the mouse... I mean, it can be played only on the keyboard, but with the mouse added, it's faster. Anyway... I think they should add option that would allow players to pick their own keys for controling. Because then I would be able to set it all for left hand and have the right one free to control the mouse!

See ya.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Five Items

Okay. It's not today's daily prompt, but still... Five items I have to have on a deserted island? Well... I'd say weapon, the blade kind. Not a gun or a bow. Then a magnifying glass, because it can make fire. What next... No clue... Something to amuse myself with, therefore, books. Or something. Next would be probably sketchbook + pens – counted as one item only.
And last... Fishing rod. Why? Well... it's an island! So I would go fishing. xD Not that I ever did, but it's never too late to learn. xD Right?

See ya.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Don't you just hate it when an Enderman kills you? Especially when you're nearly level 40! I've been working hard to get to that level (for the second time!!!) and then, he kills me... It's hard to fight against him, mainly because he moves so quick! But... It's just... I've almost been level 40!

Geez... Oh well... Nothing to do about it now... At least I didn't fall into lava this time. That was bad! Very bad! It cost me my diamond pickaxe!
Enderman will have to wait to be defeated. I'm not dealing with that moron for a very long time! It's not like I need to go into The End. It can wait. But fishing can't!

See ya.