Friday, May 30, 2014

X-men: Days of Future Past

(Written on 27. 5. 2014)

So I've seen the new X-men movie. Yesterday, in fact. And It was just perfect. I love all the X-men stuff. With the exception of the anime "Wolverine" And the new Wolverine movie that takes place in Japan. I mean, I love Japan, but the movie is weird.
But to get back on track, the movie.
It was perfect. Great effects and stunts. The story was great too, I mean, who doesn't like time travelling? Right?
And it was Logan who was travelling back in time. And it was Kitty that sent him there. And while they were getting their asses kicked in the future, Logan was working hard to change the past. And with it the future.
And how it ended, well, go watch it.
Just know that there is young Charles Xavier and young Erik Lencher. And they're really fun! All the bickering and provocation! The only downside is young Beast, but that's because I just don't like his younger version that much.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Drafts or no drafts?

(Written on 21. 5. 2014)

I've been wondering.
About what? The draft system that many blogging servers support. Basically, it means you write your post but save it as a draft and publish it later. Do you do this? Or do you publish everything immediatelly? 
Me, I've got four blogs. One is just for my stories and fanfics and as such, I post there only when I've got enough lenghth of a story.
But my other three blogs, I've got them sorted out in a way when I post a post on each every three days. I rotate them. Each day I work on different one. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blogging anyone?

I was about to write a post about all the blogs out there that have different tips for bloggers, but then I realized that it doesn't matter. In the end, it's not the tips from different sites but you and your ideas that make your blog. 
No amount of tips will help you to be the best. And while these tips can help you move forward a bit, they will not help you write the actuall posts. It's more like help with designs and setting things up and general to do and not to do.
So, what is really important when you're blogging is to have a layout that will be easy to read on and menu where your readers can easilly orient themselves. Too much things or too little things will probably make them leave.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Just a quick note for you to understand that I decided to shorten all the posts and for you, in order to read the whole thing, you need to click the "read more" link. 
It's just that the posts are long and I don't want to have the front page too full. 


Anywhere doors?

In response to the Daily Prompt - Pick Your Gadget.

It was hard to choose between the time travelling machine and the anywhere doors, but in the end the doors won because I've been reading too much of Simon R. Green and there are doors there that can be used to create a doorway anywhere. You can simply put them against a wall and they will let you pass through. Just don't forget to get them charget after excessive usage. 
So, this is the doors from Simon R. Green's novels that I really love. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rose Knight

Just wanted to reflect on my playing strategy for the League of Angels MMORPG. You see, I'm level 60, but I'm still using one of the weakest heroes. I'm still using Rose Knight. I just can't let him go. He was my favourite right from the start. And while I understand I could just keep him, but not have him active in my party, I just can't do that. 
So I'm weakening myself on purpose. Is it bad? If I were a serious gamer, it might be, but I'm all about the cool stuff and it doesn't matter if it's weak. I mean, if it's weak, I'll just enhance it till it's strong. Because, I'm not letting him go! 
There is no longer a way for me to get blue hero souls so I wouldn't be able to re-recruit him if I fired him. And I'm definitely not doing that. 
Yes, he's weak compared to some of the heroes I can recruit now, but he's still the coolest of them all! The best looking one! Yes, it's the stupidest reason you can get, but it's the truth! I'm keeping him, cause he's cool looking! 
Think me crazy, I don't care. I'm still not getting rid of him.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Indisposed Cat

A few days back, our cat hurt his leg. So, today (monday - 12. 5. 2014), my father took him to the vet to have him fixed. They were there for more than an hour as he had to have that leg operated on. In the end, they came home and Mikeš has the leg wrapped in this black bandage. And he doesn't like it. He's really annoying as he's mewing while sitting in the middle of the room. Not really wanting anything, but just mewing!
And then he went out and is traipsing somwhere in our front garden. 
Okay, so that said, let's hope he will get better. I mean, during the weekend he was walking only on three legs. But now, he's starting to use his fourth one again as well. Not much, but at least, he's not just holding it in the air anymore.
And here I've got a little photo of him with his patched up leg.

Okay, this is it. He's sitting in front of the door, obviously wanting to go out. 
~See ya!

Monday, May 12, 2014

The clouds

Today I'm not gonna bore you to death with long talks. I simply want to share my photos with you. For a few days now, I was taking photos of the sky visible from my window. And I decided to post them all here in this post. 
The only thing I want to ask is if you would consider commenting. :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Thor: The Dark World

So, yesterday, I think it was yesterday (8. 5. 2014) I finally saw the second Thor movie. And I loved it. I mean, come on! Loki kills it! My favourite characters are Loki and Thor. Jane? Not so much, but I don't usually like female characters. I didn't mind Darcy though. She was funny. 
So, what's the story about? This "eater" or something. A long time ago, it was sealed. Only, somehow, it ends up in Jane Foster by some freak accident. And then, the bad guy - Malekith wakes up from a sort of coma in order to go after it. 
Throw in Thor trying to protect Jane and being forced to team up with Loki, let's just say, you definitely won't be bored! I sure wasn't. And while I won't reveal it, the ending part is the best. The one taking place in Asgard. Because we already established I don't like Jane. 
If you've seen the first movie, I'm sure you will like this one even more. And the Loki moments are great! 
I'm sre as hell looking forward to the third movie. The only bad thing about that is that we have to wait. And I don't like waiting. Not at all!
Okay, whatever, I'm getting sidetracked. So, did you see this movie? If yes, did you like it? If yes, why? If not, again, why and what movies do you prefer instead? If any...
See ya!

Just another day

In response to Daily Prompt.
I cannot say that I have a favourite daily ritual. But my favourite part of the day are usually evenings when I can sit down to my laptop and read/write/watch anything I want and I don't have anything else to do anymore as all I had to do is at this point usually already done. 
I enjoy just sitting and writing or watching anime. It varies what I do, but it usually involves in some way. It usually also involves as it is my main sourse of anime. They have a lot of it there and I think it is the biggest archive of anime on the internet since the era of, which I believe no longer exists. 
However, now that I think about all I've written, I think there is another "kinda-sorta-ritual" that I enjoy. And that is when my mother is using my laptop to play Taptiles as I'm the only one in the family with windows 8. And during this time, I either draw or read a book. Right now I have a really good one - The Man with the Golden Torc written by Simon R. Green. I love his books, but my favourite series from him is the Night Side, however, this is just my translation of the name of the series. I'm too lazy to research it and I also think it is useless to write it in czech as noone would understand it anyway.
So, these are the "sorta kinda rituals" that I do daily or almost daily. And I enjoy them. 
See ya!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I don't know about you, but I've always loved rain. And today, after some time, it finally rains! So I decided to snap a few pictures. I admit, there are only three, but I think they are good. And to be honest, here where I live, there isn't much to snap photos of. I will probably have to start taking my camera with me wherever I go and snap everything good I see. Might be a good idea, don't you think? 
Well, it doesn't really matter right now. So, without further ado, here are the photos. Also, for bigger version, click on the pictures.

Finished Dragon

I know you've seen this dragon before, but! He was missing a wing. And I only realized that after I published the post. So, then I went back to it and added the missing wing. I admit I'm not the best at drawing wings, but I really like this picture. 
And I hope you like it as well, at least a little bit. And even if you don't like it, it would make me happy, if you left a comment. 
See ya!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chemistry, chemistry

In response to the daily prompt challenge on wordpress
A few years ago, I saw a musical based on The Prince of Tennis anime. Well, actually, it is a series of musicals, but only the first three or so have english subs. So I only watched the Dream Lives that don't really need the subs. The thing is, the first one had subs. 
Also, there was this moment, they show embarassing pictures of the tennis club members. Well, Inui does and then they show Inui's. And he's makin an Inui Juice. And it overflowes. And then there's Kikumaru Eiji. And he says: "Chemistry, Chemistry."
That itself isn't that funny, but in the context, it is. And sometimes, I just remember it and I just have to laugh. Not many poeple would understannd this. Not even after watching the musical, which would require to watch the anime first, or at least read about it, but that doesn't matter. 
It cheers me up and that is what matters, don't you agree?
See ya!

Note to self

Next time I write a post, I will first write it here and not on wordpress, because if I copy it from wordpress, it messes with my settings and I have to redo it in a very complicated way!
See ya!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Twisted Upside Down

I just thought about something. I was looking at the subtitle of my page and decided to elaborate on it. But, first of all, in order for it to make any sense, you need to understand that I'm a big, big yaoi fan. Yaoi basically means gay. Not porn, definitely not porn, but gay themed with a story. The more english term would be slash. 
So, now that you know that, let me explain one more thing. I hate the Bible! No, wait, let me explain. I do hate the Bible, and I hate the idea of one God up there somwhere. And the whole idea of christianity. But! I don't hate people who are christian. I just don't like it when they push their believes on me. I will never be a christian. Therefore, the idea of an ideal paradise-like heaven seems really funny to me.
And now for the main part. The part where I explain the "upside dosn" thing. Well, we're not really exchanging the positions of anything. At least not litarary. You see, I have a very distinct idea of Hell. There are no "shaitans" there (don't laugh! That's what the dictionary said!). There are only sexy demons there. Mainly males, of course. This is how the Hell should look like. At least that is the Hell my imagination created. 
Now, how the hell does this Hell come into it. Well, that's easy. We simply switch the roles of Hell and heaven. And yes, heaven with small h - intentional! So, waht do we get? We get sexy demons who are the good guys and a manipulative old bastard of a god that might seem to want the best for everyone at first, but in the end, he's just a power-hungry morron that wants to rule the world. 
Think Dumbledore, but more... Omniscent? Yeah, that's it, I guess. 
Okay, so I think I completely lost my original idea by now. I mean, I was interrupted by mom in the middle of writing this! And she wanted a first aid band! Such a stupid thing to lose my idea over...
I think it was supposed to mock christianity, but in the end, I don't really want to mock them, I don't mind them having their believes. I just want to be left out of it. I don't want them to push their believes on me. I will never be a regular visitor of a church. Unless we talk those old and hunted ones that are half abandoned at the edge of a forrest and surrounded by a creepy graveyard. 
So, I guess that the point of this is to say - Believe in wahtever you want, but don't force others to believe in the same thing, if they don't want to.
Please, I would be interested in hearing what you think. I would like to know what you believe in, if anything. And if any of you are obsessesd with slash, do tell!

~See ya.

League of Angels

before I get sidetracked with "blogging 101: Zero to Hero", I should probably get this post out of the way, or I might forget. And that would be bad. 
So, I wanted to tell you about this one game. It's called League of Angels. And it is a massive multiplayer online game. Basically, you create your account, you can do this through your google account or facebook and two more. I got my account through google, if I'm not mistaken. But that is not important.
You can pick one of four available characters. Well, technically speaking, it's two characters that have a male and a female version. If you know me, you know, that I prefer to play as a male character, so it was no wonder I picked a male mage character (Later on, I started on another server and picked the other one). The other character is a knight. 
One notable thing about this game is the beautifully drawn characters. Be it the hero or the angels or even the enemies. 
The point of this game is to help the angels or something. I confess that I don't read all the crap they spout. I just play. 
This game has many different features. Let's take a look at some of them:
Guardian Angel:
The first one is an angel that is a sort of guardian. In this game, you can unlock many different ones. The best one is Victoriana, but to get her, you have to be very good and participate in all the tournaments and her icon is really more of a prize for like... The best player on the server or so. The second best is Nyssa and you can get her from the arena shop (more about that later). It costs a lot, but if you save your arena tokens, it is possible. The angels fight alongside you and can deal massive damage to your enemies.
You can obtain different titles throughout the game. It takes time, but they are worth it. The higher title, the better angel you can unlock. And the better title, the better the bonusses. Like health.
I will not go into detail about forge. It is similar in almost every game - basically, upgrade your gear and make it more powerfull. Or you can socket gems that boost your stats.
In this game, you can recruit heroes that will fight together with you. The higher level, the better heroes you can recruit and the more can fight with you at the same time. 
Fight against the other players and win arena tokens that you can use in arena shop to buy angel icons and other usefull items.
Mount and upgrading heroes:
There is, of course a mount in this game. You can glamour him, but most of the glamours are very hard to obtain. The basic one takes a hundred days of loop quests (daily quests). And only if it oges well. Sometimes, you just aren't able to finish all of them
Then, there are many different ways to upgrade your party. There is standard upgrade using bless stones, training using soulstones, elemental upgrade and runes. And your main character can upgrade his emblem. But only if you're in a guld.
Usefull, if you want to have a high emblem. The emblem boosts your stats and quite a lot. But it takes a lot of donations to the guild to get guild tokens and exchange them for the material required to upgrade emblems.
And this is the only thing I do in guild. Of course, there are events that let the guilds fight against each other. And many other things. But this is, I thnk, the most important one. And all you need for it is a one-man-guild.

There is many other features, but it would take too much time to describe them all. Though I just have to mention the Tidal Pool, where you have to catch fish for gold and mainly soulstone. It is great and you obtain more with a higher level pool. Each caught fish adds to the pool's experience. 
And it is one of the things you just have to try out. 

Also, this game does not require that much time. And it is pretty! I mean, come on! Though I don't want to force anyone. Because, even if I do like this game, games are time consuming and should be played with care and certainly not the whole day. 
Still, if I caught your interest, go and give it a try. The registration link is somwhere at the top, where I've written the game's name. It leads straight to the registration. I did this to make it easier for you, if you think of playing. And if you do, come and play on server 63 or 138. On server 63, you can find me as Azrael and on server 138 I'm known as Kain. 

Okay, I would also like to know what you think of the game, so leave a comment behind. :) 
~See ya!

I'm losing inspiration...

I just wanted to rant for a bit. It's just... I go to and i see all the new posts made by people and I realize that I'm not posting anything. And then I just go and wonder if I should go back to blogging on But then I tell myself that no, I made my decision and I should stick with it. 
It's just... I really want to write, but sometimes, I just don't know what about. And it gets on my nerves!
Or for example now! I want to start writing about a book I almost finished, but then I tell myself, that I should just write it in czech, because I do't know half of the names in original... The book is translated to czech, you see...
So... Bad me! For not writing... I should really do something about it. 
Maybe I will write about a game that recently I find myself playing a lot. 
I should, shouldn't I?
Okay, I really should stop rambling and get to it.
~See ya.