Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BBC's Sherlock: The Blind Banker

I just finished the second episode of this epic TV Series. And while it may be a bit hard to describe, I really did enjoy it. That is, apart from the "circus" scene, which was a bit boring. 
So, the gist of it is that Sherlock is hired to check some bank security or something as there was a message left in yellow paint. This leads to three serial murders in which the first two look like suicides - at first. But only to the detective inspector, who in this episode isn't Lestrade and whose name I didn't catch. So Sherlock sees through it and declares it murderes and then tries to decode the messages, which leads them to the circus and some weird chinese organization - Black lotus or something, that smugle things and sell them. 
This organization lost one of their items and are trying to get it back. In the end, they kidnap John thinking he's Sherlock. And Sherlock decodes the message with the usage of the right book and then goes to save John's but, who in turn saves the life of the girl being held hostage with him. 
And it all ends with them finding the item in question and revealing it's value to the girl who it has been given to by one of the people who were murdered. 
Lastly there is this scene with the boss of the organization who is on video chat with - obviously - Moriarty, even though it's not explicitly said or anything. She says she will not reveil his identity and he agrees she wont and then she's shot - probably by a sniper of some kind.

And that's the end of the episode. 
I have to say I enjoyed it, even though the first one was better. Somehow lighter and funnier. I'm gonna be watching the rest soon, but probably not right now, I like to have a bit of time between the episodes, and in the meantime watch SHIELD or something similar. 
As for SHIELD, I will probably not write about it. Or, if I will, it will not be detailing every single episode, as I'm already on episode 12 or something like that. I might write something about it when I'm donen with it, but I'm not making any promises. 

Well, there is one promise I will make, annd that's that I will post here more often. And if I have nothing to write, I will at least post some of the photos I have in my folder that are yet to be published. 
See ya soon!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BBC's Sherlock: Study in Pink

Yesterday I started watching BBC's Sherlock. For second time, but last time, I only got as far as the first episode of second season. So I'm watching it all again and will continue with all seasons. The first episode was the Study in Pink. I saw both versions. The "unaired pilot epiosde" and the actual episode that is like 80 minutes long. 
It all starts with John moving in with Sherlock and then they are dragged into a case of serial suicides that are actually murders. 
It all starts with Lestrade informing them (Sherlock) of another of the murders and they then follow him to the crime scene where Sherlock does his deduction thing and after that leaves in search of a pink suitcase. After that he texts John who is in the meantime kidnapped by Mycroft. 
And after saying it will be dangerous, John comes and they end up chasing a taxi through London. Of course that doesn't go that well, even though they do catch it. The one thing it does solve is John's psychosomatic (did I spell that right?) limp. After that, Lestrade barges in on a drug search or something and they end up tracking the victim's phonne. 
Sherlock then walks out and gets into this cab that is driven by the murderer. They end up in some place with long tables (I think they said something about it being a college or something similar). There, Sherlock faces of with the murderer in a game. Two pills, one kills and the other does nothing. And only the cabbie knows which is which. It's up to Sherlock to chose, but it's interrupted by John at the last moment, as he shots the cabbie. 
Whith his last breath, the cabbie reveals the name of the mastermind behind the crime, even though it was the cabbie who did it. The mastermind's name is Moriarty. 
After that Lestrade arrives and Sherlock realizes that it was John who shot the cabbie and the two of them leave while laughing. 
Before they can leave completely, they are intercepted by Mycroft, who is Sherlock's brother and the two Holmses argue a bit. After that the episode ends with Sherlock adn John leaving. Probably in the direction of 221 B Baker Street. 

This episode is good. I like it a lot. I think it's one of the lighter ones, but I can't really judge as I only saw a few so far. 
I will post updates on all the episodes as I see them. 
I also promise to write more. I don't like how I'm not adding anything and therefore I will write more. I don't know how often I will add something, but I will, I promise. I will never abandon this site for good. 


Weekend with relatives

It's been a while since I've written anyhting here... Last weekend I was visiting my relatives in Sedlnice. We went by bus and arrived around lunch time. Of course the bus only goes to Nový Jičín so we had to take another bus to Borovec and the last part we went on foot. Mother recieved a call from one of her brothers on the way and she was chatting about a third of the way. Then we arrived and were greeted by the dog Fido. 
After that we went into the house and said "Hi" to my grandma. We chatted for a bit and then Eliška came together with a friend of hers - Natka. And of course, they wanted to play on my laptop. So I let them and was there with them and in the end we were taking turns playing Minecraft. We created an amazing underground house with a lot of stuff. It was a bit crazy but fun non the less. After that Natka went home and Eliška wanted to try Playing Mount and Blade and that's where everything went to Hell. 
Well, not really the first day, that was kinda okay. 
So I taught her how to play it and was partly watching and partly going upstairs and checking what the rest of them were doing, which was playing cards. 
In the end Eliška went home (next door) too and I had my laptop just for myself. I was playing as well - Mount and Blade and while I was at it, I was listening to the fourth Mission Impossible movie - the Ghost Protocol. And I love that movie. Mainly because it has Jeremy Renner in it. 
And then I finally went to bed. 

The next day was not cool at all. I mean sure, I had the laptop for myself for about half an hour in the morninng before Eliška came, but then it went south. She basically kicked me out and was playing Mount and Blade almost the whole day. So I had like... nothing to do. Mainly because I didn't know what to draw and the book I had with me was boring. I mean, yeah, it's the last part of the Inheritance cycle, but still... It's so boringly written... 
So I was on the balcony for a while just staring in the space and then I retreated to the room I slept in and just lay there on the bed and for several hours I did nothing but stare on the ceiling. 
It was only when evening came that I finally woke from my lethargy. And that's because a gigantic storm came. I love storms and I just had to get a better look. I spent some time outside in the rain and then upstairs having fun because my grandmother is really afraid of thunderstorms. And without any actuall reason too! So... I mean, there's nothing scarry about storms! It's just Thor having a bad day!

As for the last day - monday, I woke early as well. So, in the morning I had the laptop for myself. Then, of course, Eliška kicked me out again so I had to go and find something else to do. I didn't want to jsut stare at the ceiling again so I stole a pack of cards and made a card house. Well, card tower. 
At first, it was just the regular card house, but then it keeled over and I had to start again so I went with circular base and made my way up and ended up with a nice little tower. I just have to bring my camera next time I do something like that, because the only photo I have is taken with my crappy phone. 
Anyway, I'm adding it anyway. 

After the cardtower it was almost time to go so we went and packed our stuff and then my cousin Katka drove us to the bus station in Nový Jičín and there we waited for Student Agency bus to take us back to Brno. 
On the way I was listening to music and for the first time in a while, I took out my laptop and was reading stories. It was nice. 
And then we came to Brno and it was raining and I was really happy about that! Because I just love rain. It got pretty bad when we came. So bad I had to close the window. Not because it was cold, but because the rain was coming in and it soaked my stuff I had laying on the window sill. Not cool at all! But it's dry now so it's fine. Sure, some of it is a bit wrinkeled, but it's okay, it survived! 

And what about you guys? Did you have a nice weekend? I hope you did. 
Oh, and if you did, tell me. Also, tell me if you like my card tower. And please excuse the poor quality of the photo. :)