Saturday, November 30, 2013


In answer to an older Daily prompt:
My favourite dish is salami pizza. Guess I'm a bit like Dante in that. xD Hehe, never thought of it like that! Well, nevermind. I like pizza. Offer me salami pizza and I just won't be able to turn it down! It's just... You can't leave pizza just lying there! In this regard, I'm a bit like Remus Lupin from Harry Potter and his chocolate addiction.

Not that I'm addicted to pizza, but I really like it. And whenever I have the chance, I'll go for pizza. With my mother, alone, whatever, as long as it's pizza. Whenever we are out, and I'm asked what we should eat, I always suggest pizza. xD
Oh well... I know it was short, but what else do you want me to write about pizza...

See ya.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Devil May Cry

As I mentioned Dante in the previous post, it got me thinking about actually introducing you to one of my favourite animes. The Devil May Cry anime. Why? Well... It has Dante! I mean, sexy half demon demon hunter... What do you want more? Oh, I know! For him to be real! xD But alas, we can't have that so we have to do with just the anime and the video games.
I will not be going into the video games in this post, I'll leave that for later. This is about the anime only.

So, Dante is a demon hunter in Capulet (I think...) city. He owns the shop Devil May Cry and for money, he goes and defeats demons that swarm the earth. Then, there is Morrison, his agent who hands him jobs.
Also, Dante is always short on money, because, his friend Lady, yes, that is what she's called, always takes it from him. Well, he does owe her a huge amount... And then, there's Trish. She's a demon modeled after Dante's mother. And she can control electricity to some extent. Honestly, I don't know the full range of her powers.

Okay, so about the storyline.
It starts with Dante having to deliver a young girl – Patty Lowel – to some mansion in order for her to recieve her inheritance or something. He tries to refuse, but in the end, he does it.
They travel and are attacked by several demons. In the end, it is shown that this Patty is not the one the inheritance is for and she was only used as decoy.
Patty then starts hanging around Dante's shop and some of the scenes are quite funny.
The plotline then continues with some missions, in the second, Lady is introduced and few episodes later, it's Trish.

In total, there are twelve episodes and my favourite si ninth and sixth. The sixth episode has great music! I mean, the Rock Queen Elena Huston's song is beautiful! Then, the ninth episode has POKER! Seriously, POKER! And that says it all! I like poker very much. And the version used in the anime, it's interesting. Won't go into it, though. That would take too much time, just go and watch the episode. It's great! I promise!

Then, the last two episodes or so, there is the hell and underworld and the reason for Patty being there is finally uncovered. I again, won't go into it. This time, because I just don't remember it well enough. That part is boring anyway. I suggest you skip the last episodes. Well... probably not the first time, but if you watch it more than once, I don't think the last episodes are interesting enough.
Other than that, the anime is great! I've read some reviews saying that it's no good and so on and so forth, but still... It's DANTE!

Sure, the games are so much more interesting than the anime, and the plotline is thicker and more thought out, but still, the anime is good. I wouldn't say it is the best out there, that would be pushing it, but is certainly isn't bad.

See ya.

P.S: The pictures are from the games. Just so you can drool over them, hot sexy demons!


I just wanted to say that I added something little to the sidebar. I stumbled upon this site, you can adopt "pets" there and some of them look really nice. I'll be looking into others too, but for now, there is this pet. If, when it grows up, it will look weird and ugly, I'll replace it with something else. But for now, this is the pet that you will be seing in the sidebar.

See ya.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Neverending Story

The internet's a bitch! A real big one!
Okay, I should probably start at the begining. You see, when I was little, there was this TV series. It was called The neverending story. And, it was live action, not animated! And that's the problem. Whenever I try to look that up, all I get is the animated series which I'm so not interested in!

And, this one, the live action one, is nowhere to be found! Which is lame! I mean, come on! It's way better than the animated series! Isn't there anyone who would agree with me? The thing is, I like it more than the movies, which are good, but not good enough. I guess it's because it's more connected. The Fantasya land or whatever and the real world. In the movies, it's not so connected. Also, in the series, he doesn't finish the book in one go, and I quite like that.
So, if there's anyone out there that know where to get this and watch it, I'm all ears!

See ya.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The difference between darkness and evil

A while back, I realized that many people see darkness as the equivalent of evil. It's that way in a lot of stories and books which lets me to believe that even in real life people believe this.
And it is something that irks me very much. Because, darkness is not the equivalent of evil! It's NOT! If it were, it would be weird! Considering, that light is somehow considered an element, at least, by some. Me included. And if light is considered an element, why shouldn't darkness be? Which leads to my interpretation of elements. There are seven primary elements. Yes, seven, not four. They are Darkness, light, fire, earth, wind, water and lightning. Then, by combining two elements, you get different elements, those are called secondary elements. Then, combining secondary element with a primary one will get you terciary element. And then, combining anything else will get you the rest.

So, how did we get to elements from darkness and evil? Well, simply because darkness is element.
Also, evil can be done without darkness. And that in itself is a proof of it being nonequivalent!
And I should probably shut up, because I'm able to rant about this to no end. And then, there would be no end and I would never get to posting this. So there.
See ya.'s a bitch!

this time, I just want to rant a bit! I mean, there's like... a ton! of stories being deleted from! Why?! Most of them are slash! Is it because it's too explicit?! I don't think so! And even if they are, there are fair warnings!
And, then there is like, another type of a story being taken down. It's stories in which Harry Potter characters read the books. I mean, yes, there's copyrighted material used in those stories, but come on! How many people out there are still buying the books anyway? The people reading it know the books already! It's not like J.K. needs any more money than she already has!
So, a message for Stop being a bitch and leave the stories alone!

Thanks. I know very much that this post is meaningless, but still! I needed to rant and vent! Those stories were good! Mainly, the story, because of which I'm writing this, the Unlikely Group "series". It had four parts already, four finished parts! I was waiting for the author to post the next one, but hey, I wanted to read it again, I mean, there's Voldemort/Harry pairing, my favourite, and what do I find? The story isn't there...
So, if anyone knows of a place this story is posted on, let me know! Or if there is a place I can download it from! I wouldn't mind archiving it.
See ya.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Robert Muchamore - Cherub series: The General

On monday (16. October 2013), I finished a book called The General. It's from the Cherub series I started reading a few years back. It's the ninth book or something like that. I did skip one of them, but that was because I couldn't find it in any library. And I sure as hell wasn't gonna buy it. It's not THAT great a book. Even though it's pretty good. 
Okay, enough rambling and let's focus on this book. It starts with two separate missions. One for James Adams, who goes undercover in a demonstration group called SAD, or whatever. His job is to get evidence that the leader wants to convert the group in a terroristic one. He's been on the mission for quite some time, but it ends when some other group of officials interrupts it and chatches the coulprits themselves. James ends up being beaten by a police woman. And that's that for his mission. 
The second mission is for a group of younger Cherub agents under the leadership of Lauren - James's sister. Their task is to check the security of a plane control tower or whatever that building is. They succesfully infiltrate the building and start destroying it, as their mission is supposed to look like an act of vandalism. However, it seems that one of the technics has stayed late that evening. She calls cops and some of the kids are caught. Some manage to escape. In the end, they are all set free though. 
The book then continues with a partizan war simmulation in an urbanized area led by US army. Some of the Cherubs together with the former leader - Mac - and the brain for the operation - Kazakov - are invited to play the bad guys. There are some things you need to know about Kazakov - he hates anything and everything american. He has a temper and is prepared to fight using all possible underhanded tactics as well as using anything else he's got at his disposal. 

In the end, he's able to lead his group to victory within only two days. However, his tactics get him a one way ticket out of the For Reagan where the simulation takes place. He's acompanied by James, who's on top of the hate list of the US army participants - as he put laxatives in the water supply. On Kazakov's orders of course. 
Throw in some casinos and blackjack and you have a great book. I laughed a lot when reading it. Also, I actually learned something about blackjack and the counting of the cards. I wouldn't be able to do it, though. At least not without studying the techniques for it more thoroughly (spelling?). It is, however, an interesting method of how to win, or, at least have a better chance of not loosing. 
If you've read some of the books in the series, I would like to know what you think. :) It's definitely interesting read. And I'll post my feelings about the next book when I get my hand on it. :) 
In the meantime, I'm reading next book in the Drizzt Do'Urden series. Fifth one, if I'm not mistaken. Also, I think I'm getting better at writing all these summaries. :) Hey, it just helps a lot, if you write on regular basis, right? Oh well... Whatever. See ya

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Captain Rolith

this time, I've got a picture of Rolith, an NPC character from DragonFable. Again. And again for the picture too. I'm too lazy to think of something else to write about - today. But back to the picture. Done in green colored pencil. I love how the hair turned out. The neck and the shirt could have been much much better, but I like the face and the hair. Which I think are the main and most important parts. Oh, and it's pretty old picture - from the end of year 2009. Therefore, I was in my second year of high school at that time. So, do you like it? At least a little? Tell me!

See ya.

Inside the actor's studio

Okay, I decided, that it was time for me to again write a response to the Daily prompt. This time, there were several question to be answered. So, let's get to it.

What is your favourite word?
Well, I'm not sure if I have an actual favourite word, but I do say shees a lot. So maybe that? And if it's not that, it definitely is some kind of swearword.
What is your least favourite word?
Well, this one's easy. I hate the word pelvis with a passion! And it's my high school gym teacher's fault! I'm czech, but in my high school, we had PE in english! Together with the boys. And our teacher would, during streachign, always tell us to rotate our pelvis or to do somethign else with it. Ever since that I hate the word with a passion!
What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
I'm not sure I'll be able to answer this, as even I don't know... It just happens... I'm not even sure you need a reason...
What turns you off?
My idiot father. Or boredom.
What is your favourite curse word?
Probably all of them. I use idiot, moron, dam or shit quite a lot. Oh, and SOB, which means Son of a bitch.
What sound or noise do you love?
Anything as long as there is not silence. Well, probably not anything, but I hate silence.
What sound or noise do you hate?
The alarm clock in the morning.
What profession or other than your own would you like to attempt?
Well, apart from a normal job, I always wanted to publish my own books. So that would be it. I want to be a writer. Only on the side though. I'd never rely on it to provide for me, as then it would be considered a job and it would take all the fun away from it.
What profession would you not like to do?
Hm... I probably wouldn't be a teacher. I am bad at explaining. Very bad. Noone understands my explanations even if I know a lot about the subject.
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
That's easy. I want him to say I belong in Hell! Heaven's boring! I like Hell, there are sexy demons there! Well, at least in my view of Hell. I mean, the standard view of Hell is boring!
As for me hating Heaven, blame my creative mind. I have several stories in progress where Heaven is the bad side and Hell the good one. So there.

Okay, that would be the questions. I hope you had fun reading it. some of the questions were pretty weird, but still, I'm the person that likes to answer questions, so it was fun! It would be nice to have more daily prompts like this!
See ya.


Lately, I've been playing Minecraft, as you know from my previous post. Well, you know waht is the best thing about it? Apart from finding diamonds? Well, it's fishing! I like it. Yes, it can seem boring, but I really like fishing out enchanting books! I've got about ten of em so far. And with time, I'll get even more. Basically, what I do, is fish all the time while enclosed within a stone fence.
Yes, sometimes, I leave it to go mining something or other, but most of the time, I play on hard difficulty and just fish. Occasionally killing a zombie or other creeps that stand around my fence. Of course, when I go mining, I switch to peacefull difficulty. I seriously don't want to deal with mobs when I'm balancing on the edge of lava. Just, no.

But the fishing is good. Really. Apart form enchanting books, you can get an enchanted bow or an enchanted fishing rod. And other stuff. Like strings, leathre boots, well, those are not the best, but still, if you combine them, it is worth something... Oh well, whatever. I just like to fish. It's fun.
See ya.

BTW: The picture is from my game, so it's me that's fishing there. xD

Monday, November 11, 2013

Artix von Krieger

Hey, this time, I've got Artix. And again, he's from DragonFable. Only, I modernized his clothes. Originally, he's wearing armor. Like, plate armor. Heavy. Other than that, I like this picture very much. done in brown colored pencil. On (obviously) yellow paper. However, it is very very old and I think I would have done a better job today. And now, that I'm talking about it, why not. Yes, I'll redo him. And this time, I might even do the plate armor. Oh and he will be in color. Or in pencil. Not in colored pencil wielded like a pencil.

So I hope you like it at least a little bit. If you do, coment, will ya? I'd love to read what you think about it. :) 
See ya.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sword Art Online

An anime, to which I came back after a while. Still, the best episode is the one but last. I can't help it, I like how he kicks that moron's butt. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The whole idea of this anime, is that there is this new online RPG style game. And, people are trapped in it without any means to log out. The only way to get out is to beat the game, and, technically the creator - Kayaba Akihiko. The main hero's name is Kirigaya Kazuto, but his in-game name is Kirito. He was one of the beta testers of the game. And mostly knows what he's doing. 

 The anime starts out mild, but gets pretty intense. Especially the first part. In the end, they find a bit of a different way to win - by defeating the one, that didi all of it. And not necessarily on the final floor of the game. Kirito figures out that Kayaba is Heathcliff - the leader of one of the greatest guilds in the game. The fact he figures it out, is really just a fluke, but he does and fights with him, in the end winning. And thus ending the game. 

 That's not the end, though. Kirito's friend - Asuna - is still trapped in virtual reality. How? Let's just say that there's this sleazy guy that has the hots for her and took a leaf out of Kayaba's book. Thus trapping some of the people from SAO in a different game. And so Kirito sets on a quest to free her. And the rest of people that are still trapped. 

 And now we're getting to the best part. The one but last episode of the second season of this anime. The best part is when Kirito... But.... I just can't tell you! It would take all the fun away! Just go watch it. I'll even be nice enough to give you a link to it. Okay? 

Okay. This is it. This is all and if you watch the anime, tell me what you think about it? I think it's pretty good. :) 
See ya.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


You probably heard about it, but still, I decided to write my own oppinion on it. What I'm talking about? Well... The pixel-ish, voxel-ish famous game of Minecraft. Yes, I'm playing it too. Started last weekend. And it's my cousin's son's fault! He has a tablet and he got the pocket edition of Minecraft on it. And I tried it. And I got addicted.
I mean, the graphics are like... weird, but after a while, you'll like it. First, I was a bit confuset as to what I'm supposed to do, but then, that might have been because on tablet, the controling is wastly different then when you have the computer version.

So, I started playing... So far, I only played the single player version, and to be honest, I'm not really rushing to try multiplayer. Multiplayer games... Let's just say I play in them as a solo player anyway. But that's beside the point.
So, moving on. In minecraft, as many of you probably know, you mine the blocks of which the world is composed. Be it wood, dirt or some kind of ore. Then, you use what you mined and create objects. And tools. And of course, you build yourself a structure you can call home. be it a watchtower or a cathedral or just a plain and simple house. In this game, some amazing structures can be done. I've seen on the internet minecrafted version of Minas Thirid from LOTR.

I myself, I only do some simple structures. Basically, I just play around. I like it though. However, if you know of a way to make more diamonds, it would be nice. I just can't seem to be able to find enough of them.
Oh, and I've got another question. When you have the portal to Nether, can the monsters (mobs) from Nether use it to pass through to the Overworld? I tried to find out, but If the answer was there, it probably was not clear enough for me to understand. So, a simple yes, or no. That would be great! Thanks!

Oh, and if you're a minecraft player, tell me your thoughts on this game! What do you like about it the best?
And if you people play multiplayer, tell me in what ways it is different from singleplayer. I'd like to know before I try it. Like, if there are any major differences... So that I'm prepared for them.
See ya.


This picture is of an NPC from DragonFable. Her name is Aquella and if I'm reading it correctly, the picture is about three years old. Done with colored pencils and I have to say, that I'm mostly dissatisfied with it. I don't know why, but that's the truth. I like the hair and the corral on the side of her forhead. But that's about it. Maybe I'll redo it one day. Or more likely, just draw another one. So, what do you think?

See ya.

Friday, November 8, 2013


I need help. I've got this picture. Almost finished. Only need to add the background. And that's the problem. Because, as almost always, I don't know what to do for the background. And therefore, I'm turning to you, my readers. If you have any idea, please, tell me, I'll appreciate it. 
Here's the picture:
Thanks in advance for any ideas you might give me. 
See ya.


This is my character from DragonFable. He no longer exists, but it was like... My first cahracter. Like, the very first. I deleted him cause he was a warrior and I mostly play wizards. They are easier to play with. I don't regret it, even thou he was level fourty something. As for this picture, it's done on red paper with black colored pencil. I like how it turned out. The game is anime-ish, but I did this picture a bit more realistically. Not the hair, but the nose, for example. Or the mouth. I like it. And you?

See ya.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Okay, this time, it's two pictures from Adventure Quest game and DragonFable game. But for my sake, let's say they are both from DF. The first one is a monster called Mermazon. It is actually a second attempt. The first one was lost in time, but I know, that I did this once before. With slightly different colors. Not much, but yes. I like this version though. It's better and the lines are cleaner and neater.

 This second picture is what I like to call a blob. Yes, a weird name, but that's what it is. In DF, it has many names. Based on it's elemental properties. Sometimes, it's lava glob, sometimes it is called necro slime, or something. Like I said, many names. But in general, it's still a blob. And this onen is blue. And original, because I based the shape on it, but in the end, didn't use any reference. Only my own memory. 

Okay, hope you liked it at least a little bit. And if you did, head over to the game and try it. It's not bad. I admit, I haven't played it in like a year, or so, but still, a game, that I will eventually go back to. When the rest of the stuff I play, will be boring.
 See ya.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First and probably last

Hey, I've got this comic of mine that I created a few years ago. It is far from perfect, but hey... It's my first try. And, to be honest, it will probably stay the only try. It's too much trouble. I'm gonna stick with normal pictures. I just wanted you to see that I suck at this. So, no more comics from me. Like... nver. Still, I hope you like it at least little bit. :)

See ya.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's in the description...

...or not. I will skip the part about blogs and links and will concentrate on books, as that is what comes more easily. How I choose what to read? Well, at first, it is always based on the book's cover. Then, when the cover interests me, I will pick the book up and read the summary on the back (sometimes inside). And only then I decide whether it is worth reading or not. Sometimes, when there are no interesting covers to choose from, I just go by sections. Like, crime, mystery and so on. And then, I go picking books up randomly, reading teh summary and deciding if it is worth it, or not. 

 Other times, I already know what I want and go by that. Meaning I for example read a good book from an author. So I go and pick another one from the same one. However, even in this case, I would read the summary first. Because, the fact that a book is written by an author whose other book I like, doesn't mean that all of his books are good. 

 There are also times, when I simply pick up a book I already know. Sometimes because the book was just soo good, sometimes, because it was a good laugh. Sometimes simply because I want to and don't really have a different reason. Hey, hope you will comment, hm?
See ya.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Rise of Mythos

About two months ago, I found an interesting game. An online fighting card game. Basically, you have cards that represent monsters and spells. These can be summoned to the battle field. When summond, they battle against their oponents. The game is kinda in a campaign mode, but it has multiplayer as well. And boss challenges. Another thing is, that you have something akin to a town, your town, or city. There you can build and upgrade some structires. The most important I'd say are the Alchemy lab and the City hall, which is your main sourse of income. The Alchemy lab allows you to combine, fuse and extract cards in order to get new cards. 

 The game is good, focuses on tactics. As sometimes, you just won't win a battle with automatic fighting on. The auto fight is great for lower level battles and some boss fights. Definitely not for the ascenssion tower or high level combat. Though some of the higher level battles are better fought with the auto on. Not all of them though. 

 The game is good and if you have too much free time, try it. You can find it here. Or here. I play on both. Started on the second though. Right now, I'm level fourty-something. And trying to get to level 45 as soon as possible. Why? Well... Because, in the campaign, the next section is locked until I'm level 45. In the meantime, I'm mainly collecting the daily log-in bonus. 

 Hey, and if you play the game, tell me what you think. :)
See ya.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Heh, almost forgot to post something today! And I still want to post something every day. Even if it is insignificant. Oh well. Let me say something about the picture. It is probably one of the oldest I have. Must have been thirteen or something when I drew it. Done in crayons. With very limited color range. Only had like twelve different coloers, or something like that. On the picture is Elyon from Witch. When I was younger, I was really into that. Not any more, but I still have this picture. Because in regards to the skills I had when I drew it, it is pretty good. Today, I would probably be able to do a better job, but at that time, it was fucking brilliant!

See ya.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hey, I've got another picture for ya. It's Atobe from Prince of Tennis, one of my favourite animes. He's the captain of the Hyoutei tennis team. And nicknamed "Monkey King" The picture itself is one of my favourites. I like how it came out. Especially the eyes and the hair. I admit that the shirt could have been done better, but it is partly my scanner's fault! I really like the shading in the face though. :) 
Let me know what you think, okay? I'm looking forward to your coments. :) (Or likes)
See ya.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Eyes Rutherford

Hey, I've got some more of my pictures. This time it's some of the old ones again. It's two pictures of Eyes Rutherford from Spiral, which is one of my favourite animes. This first picture is a side view. I don't like the shirt, but I do like how the head in general came out. I wonder... Maybe I should draw him again and then compare it with these pictures... Oh well... Maybe I will. 

This second picture is a front view and I seriously don't like how the eyes turned out. They are weird. Other than that, I do like it. I just really don't like the eyes. And the eyebrows. Those are even weirder than the eyes!

Okay. That's it for now. Oh, and if you don't know Spiral, I suggest you watch it! It's really great. :)
See ya.