Hello, dear reader. 
And welcome to my blog about anything and everything that interests me. Amongst the things you can find here are my pictures, movie and game reviews as well as some snipets about my life. Sometimes, I also add photos I took. Also, a big part of this blog are posts about books I've finished reading. 
I might not post with regular intervals, but I try to post at least one post per month. It does not alway go that way as sometimes I just don't have anything to write about, but when I do, it usually means I will post several posts. Most of the time in quick succession. 

And who I am? Well, just a normal girl from the center of Europe that loves the English language. I also love anime and video games. I enjoy drawing and writing but mostly anything creative goes with me. If you want to read some of my stories, there is a link in the sidebar that leads to my site titled Tales from Hell. Or, if you speak Czech, you can click the Doupě Zvrhlíka link that will lead you to my blog with my Czech stories. But it hasn't been updated in a while. Simply because I now mostly write in English and even if I do write in Czech, I usually only post the story when it's finished... And this goes the same for the Tales From Hell site. 

If you want to know more, I urge you to browse the posts and maybe you will find something you like. 


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