Friday, May 30, 2014

X-men: Days of Future Past

(Written on 27. 5. 2014)

So I've seen the new X-men movie. Yesterday, in fact. And It was just perfect. I love all the X-men stuff. With the exception of the anime "Wolverine" And the new Wolverine movie that takes place in Japan. I mean, I love Japan, but the movie is weird.
But to get back on track, the movie.
It was perfect. Great effects and stunts. The story was great too, I mean, who doesn't like time travelling? Right?
And it was Logan who was travelling back in time. And it was Kitty that sent him there. And while they were getting their asses kicked in the future, Logan was working hard to change the past. And with it the future.
And how it ended, well, go watch it.
Just know that there is young Charles Xavier and young Erik Lencher. And they're really fun! All the bickering and provocation! The only downside is young Beast, but that's because I just don't like his younger version that much.

I loved the movie and when I get the chance, I will be downloading it pronto. In english, seeing as I saw it in 3D and in czech. And I just want to get my hands on the original voices.
Go watch it if you can, it's great.
Now the only question is wether there will be another X-men movie or not. I mean, this was kinda the grand Happy Ending and all, but still, maybe there will be, I would like that. But I'm not getting my hopes up that much. I don't think there is much room for continuation. Not with the happy end.
But still, maybe they will surprise me and make it. I would love it.
I'm a big fan of X-men movies.

My favourite characters are Storm, Logan and young professor. Also, I like Erik and Raven (Mystique). Kitty's not bad either. And then all the additional characters that are only in the animated series. Like... I do't know... there's a lot of them.
And I like them.
Still, Logan, Storm and young professor are the top three for me.


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