Monday, September 25, 2017

One Piece

Well, I just had to write this. Lately, it seems that One Piece is dragging things out more and more. Yes, the fights took long to begin with, but now it seems ridiculous... At the beginning, a 'boss' fight took around three to four episodes, but now, mainly the Doflamingo fight, it took somewhere around ten of them... If it wasn't for the moments when Sabo was there, I was really tempted to skip them... 
And now, the arc with Big Mam, I'm tempted to just skip and skip... Right now, I just have it as sound in the background and I don't even understand most of it, as it's in Japanese... But I still know more or less what's going on. And I even skipped about all the episodes from after the Doflamingo fight to about episode 789... Now I'm on episode 800. And I'm bored. I used to not be bored with this series... But considering it has over 800 eps and I saw them all, I'm gonna stick with it till the end. I wanna know what the friggin' 'One Piece' is. 
Though, I didn't watch all the eps. I skipped the whole flag stealing arc and then some. Oh, and I used to watch it in English instead of Japanese. However, I then caught up to the latest ep and that was it. Either wait or watch the next 300 or so in Jap. So I did and frankly, I'm not regretting it completely, but with eng dub, it was easier to just listen to it in the background as I did something else, like play a game. Or something along those lines. But now, I can't utilize this to its full potential as I don't know Japanese all that well. I understand it some, but not much...
Oh well, this is just me ranting a bit for ranting's sake. See ya 'round.

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