Saturday, November 30, 2013


In answer to an older Daily prompt:
My favourite dish is salami pizza. Guess I'm a bit like Dante in that. xD Hehe, never thought of it like that! Well, nevermind. I like pizza. Offer me salami pizza and I just won't be able to turn it down! It's just... You can't leave pizza just lying there! In this regard, I'm a bit like Remus Lupin from Harry Potter and his chocolate addiction.

Not that I'm addicted to pizza, but I really like it. And whenever I have the chance, I'll go for pizza. With my mother, alone, whatever, as long as it's pizza. Whenever we are out, and I'm asked what we should eat, I always suggest pizza. xD
Oh well... I know it was short, but what else do you want me to write about pizza...

See ya.

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