Friday, October 25, 2013


In answer to the Daily prompt, I decided to write this. First of, I'm an antisocial person and I prefer to be alone in most cases. And I hate speaking in front of a large group of people with passion! It's not like I'm nervous about it and I can do it, if I have to, I just don't like it, and I definitely don't enjoy it. Never did, never will. And that's why whenever I have a choice to speak in front of people or to write an essay or something different, I never pick the speaking. 

 On the other hand, I don't mind it if it is in front of only a few people. Or if I know the people really well. Like, not a classmate level of knowing, but a close friend level of knowing. I don't think I'm shy, only antisocial and preferring solitude. Most of the time. Also, by being a loner, and not talking much, I learn a lot about the people around me. And I believe that knowledge is power therefore, I'm happy with this settings. I've got no problem with talking to people, but I prefer to stay silent.
See ya.

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